A new way to repay loans.
We use our revenue to pay off your loans.

Use less or none of your own money for loan repayment.

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How it works

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Sign up, search, and discover

Use our search engine to browse and find the products and services you need. Ensure that you spend sufficient time researching brand offerings before supporting them.

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Support businesses

Continue to do what you normally would online and offline. Buy from your favorite brands, download an eBook, sign up for services or join a waitlist. Then give honest, unbiased, and insightful feedback to the business.

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Get rewarded

We pay off all your different loans with fees collected from advertisers. We help you pay off student loans, credit cards, and buy-now-pay-later bills etc. Unlike other platforms, we use our revenue to improve your finances.

How you benefit

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Less debt

Reduced debt, with an alternative repayment option. Now you have a new, cheaper, and less risky option to repay debt, instead of only using your money.

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Better credit score

Your credit score is improved with less debt.The more debt we pay off for you, the better your credit score.

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More money

Use less of your money to pay off debt.You will get to keep more of your own money to improve your finances.

What you have to do


Sign-up or login, search for, then browse the brand’s website.


Look for and complete the desired business action e.g., purchase, download, or join a waitlist etc.


Then give feedback to the business on what, if anything, they need to improve.


Communicate with the business via our messaging feature to help clarify any feedback you gave along with receiving any coupons, deals, discounts, or sales promotions.


Use the money we allocate to you and pay off your loans. This is very important.

Full Transparency, Credibility and Trust

We show you a complete breakdown of your daily activity score so that there are no discrepancies. You will see clearly how we arrived at your final activity score and cash allocation. We look at your daily activity on the platform to decide how much funds you get. The more active you are, the more funds you will get. Daily activity means we look at how much business value, debt reduction, feedback, messages, referrals, and bonus points you get. All of these make up your activity score

Corporate Social Responsibility

Support brands that support you. Use brands that have an interest in seeing you improve your finances. Every time they pay and create a marketing campaign on our platform, that money is used to help you. This is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility by these brands. Look for and use brands with our Social Responsibility Score. Brands with our Social Responsibility Score have opted-in to help you improve your finances.

Tech for good

Our goal is helping millions of people globally improve their finances and socio-economic status with debt reduction and an increased standard of living.