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Why you should use us

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More conversions

Only persons interested in your products and services are sent to your business.No irrelevant website traffic. We use zero and first-party data to improve conversion rates.

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Increased revenue

We give your customers loyalty incentives that help them improve their finances, so they are encouraged to buy more because of their vested interest.

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Reduced cost

You only pay after getting the desired consumer actions at your terms, with a fee that you choose.

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Real-time, actionable data

You get invaluable real-time customer feedback and interaction on what they believe is necessary to retain them as a customer or refer you to others.This helps to build brand loyalty and a positive emotional connection with your brand.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The funds you spend to run marketing campaigns on Prosperety are used to improve your customer's socio-economic standing. It's a form of Corporate Social Responsibility since your money is used to help people improve their finances and social status. Plus, consumers prefer to support brands that do good for them and society.

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Proven Success Stories

Overall, 67% of a brand's profits rely on effective customer engagement. Businesses who improve customer engagement increase cross-selling by 23%, drive up revenue from 14% to 52%, and also increase order sizes from 4% to 86%.

How it works

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Sign up and promote your business.

It's free to create an account. We'll publish and promote your business to all the people looking for the products and services you have on offer.

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Get quality conversions and leads.

Customers will come to you, instead of you chasing after them.We ensure you get quality conversions and leads because of our incentives.

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Receive customer feedback.

You can use this data to continuously improve your business in an effort to increase customer acquisition and retention.

What you have to do

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Create and run a campaign.

Decide your campaign objective, from brand awareness to customer engagement or sales etc.Choose your preferred consumer action i.e., sign-up, download, learn more etc. Select your customer feedback source and areas of improvement, plus ideal customer profile.

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Communicate with customers consistently.

Reach out to customers and get to know them using our messages feature. Respond to customer queries and offer incentives like coupons, and discounts etc. Enable robust conversations between you and customers towards building brand loyalty.

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Get and use customer-generated data.

Use quantitative and qualitative data to improve your business with informed strategic decisions.Personalise each customer product or service offering to improve conversion rates.

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Form an emotional bond with customers.

Use data and messages to gain and maintain consistent customer loyalty.Create a positive emotional bond with customers that will turn them into brand ambassadors.